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DOORBELLS are located both at the front gate and on the patio next to the sliding glass door. Please ring those and we’ll come a-running.

MESSAGE US via the site you booked your reservation with, or any of these other convenient options;


Use the Bz Cell phone provided for you in the Gecko Bungalow

WiFi: GeckoBungalowRE

Password: “welcomefriends”

Due to the recent Covid 19 pandemic, we have taken extensive measures to ensure your safety through very rigorous cleaning and disinfecting standards that we have in place. Let us know if you have any concerns or if there is anything we can do for you.

  • Please thoroughly wash your hands often and feel free to use the hand sanitizer provided.
  • Please practice social distancing not only on the property but also if you are out and about.
  • Please observe the signs placed about the property and try your best to follow the protocols to keep everyone safe and Covid free.
  • Please take a few minutes and view the mandatory travel guidelines at
  • Please let us know immediately if you are not feeling well. We have response plan in place to assist you.
Please review the information at
Please have the THiS App downloaded from

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We do not keep secrets from each other and our clients, and stay always open to you.

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Team-building became very important part of our friendly and eventful team routine.


Our team is constantly increasing the level of mastery by visiting various seminars.

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The whole team meets every week to discuss various issues which happened during it.


We also search for modern and up-to-date solution of various routine problems.


All our products are thoroughly tested in accordance with the high quality standards.